3 days archery hunting for 1 Bear and 1 Buck or Doe.

3 nights Lodging in either the
Rock House or our Amish Cabins.​


Hunters must accompany your host during retrieval of all game.

We will also assist in
tracking, field dressing and transporting
your bear or deer.
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Package Includes:

3 Day Archery Only
Black Bear / Deer  Combo
Hunting Package

Sept 23 thru Nov. 30

We fill up early so call
479-243-9400 and reserve your
 Arkansas Bear Hunting Stand Today!

Rich Mountain Cabins Black Bear Hunting in Arkansas

Includes 4 wheeler ride to and from a nice fully baited bowhunting stand.
Stay in your stand all day!

All of our bowhunting standsare fully baited during all legal times. We use a variety of baits including a tasty combination of bread soaked in bacon grease. Yum!  Each stand has a bait barrel and a baited log pile, so bring your own secret recipe and add it to the mix. Dog food with corn syrup is a bear favorite.

We have lots of Big Black Bear!
We are located on a major game trail at the bottom of Rich Mountain. Each Fall, many bears visit and move through our property searching for food and getting ready for their hibernation period. We are almost completely surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest where baiting of any kind is illegal. This means our private bowhunting compound is the only source of bait for miles around! Add to that our archery hunting only policy and you get a constant flow of big, hungry, un-spooked bears.

The Black Bear above weighed 400 plus pounds and is a good example of the fine quality bears at Rich Mountain Cabins. This bear was taken on our property by Sandy Bedell from the Dallas, Texas area. Notice the recurve bow. Sandy is a serious bowhunter! He is also a fine custom home builder and re-modeler in the Dallas area. Check out his website at Bedell Construction.net.

Price: $1500.00
Hunting License Fee Not Included

Visit Arkansas Game and Fish
for license info and purchase.
We are in Bear Zone 2