Rich Mountain Cabins, RV Park and Campground
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Black Bear Hunting     White Tail Deer Hunting     Spring Turkey Hunting     View Our Stands
Rich Mountain Cabins Bowhunting Compound.
We are Ouachita Mountain Hunting Outfitters offering
excellent big game hunting near Mena, Arkansas.
Our 23 acres is on a major migratory game trail
surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest.
Our beautiful camping and hunting compound has
many resident Black Bear and Trophy White Tail
Deer plus a steady stream of migrating animals
visiting and moving through all year around.
We have 4 stands fully baited during all legal times.
 We offer bear hunting and deer hunting
packages. Scroll down for details, pricing and pictures.
We allow archery hunting only on our 23 acres.
Use Rich Mountain Cabins as a base camp
and hunt with rifles, muzzleloaders, etc...
in the Ouachita National Forest.
Rich Mountain Cabins Black Bear Hunting in Arkansas
We have lots of Big Black Bear!
We are located on a major game trail at the bottom of Rich Mountain. Each Fall, many bears visit and
move through our property searching for food and getting ready for their hibernation period.
We are almost completely surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest where baiting of any kind is illegal.

This means our private bowhunting compound is the only source of bait for miles around!            
Add to that our archery hunting only policy and you get a constant flow of big, hungry, un-spooked bears.
All of our bowhunting stands
are fully baited during all legal
times. We use a variety of baits including a tasty combination of bread soaked in bacon grease. Yum!  Each stand has a bait barrel and a baited log pile, so
bring your own secret recipe and add it to the mix. Dog food with corn syrup is a bear favorite.
Hunters must accompany your host during retrieval of all game.
The Black Bear above weighed 400 plus pounds and is a good example of the fine quality bears at Rich Mountain Cabins. This bear was taken on our property by Sandy Bedell from the Dallas, Texas area. Notice the recurve bow. Sandy is a serious bowhunter! He is also a fine custom home builder and re-modeler in the Dallas area. Check out his website at Bedell
3 Day Archery Only
Black Bear / Deer  Combo
Hunting Package
Sept 23 thru Nov. 30
Package Includes:

3 nights Lodging in either the
Rock House or our Amish Cabins.
3 days archery hunting for
1 Bear and 1 Buck or Doe.
Includes 4 wheeler ride to and from a nice fully baited bowhunting stand.
Stay in your stand all day!
We will also assist in
tracking, field dressing and transporting
your bear or deer. See Details

Price: $1500.00
Hunting License Fee Not Included
Visit Arkansas Game and Fish
for license info and purchase.
We are in Bear Zone 2
We fill up early so call
479-243-9400 and reserve your
 Arkansas Bear Hunting Stand Today!
Rich Mountain Cabins White Tail Deer Hunting
We have Big White-Tail Bucks with BIG Racks!
Check out the big rack bases on these early summer deer shown above. Our deer average over
150 pounds with large racks from 6-10 points and many 12-14+ point monsters.
We are a Private Bowhunting Compound
We are
on a major game trail surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest where baiting is prohibited.
We are allowed to feed and bait deer during all legal times.
We have a strict doe quota and minimum buck size designed to keep our deer herds large and healthy.
We Allow Archery Hunting Only!

Unlike the surrounding National Forest, where gun hunting for any adult deer is allowed.
Our doe quota is usually filled during bear season. The Black Bear leave and head back to the high country at the end of November. So for 3 months starting Dec. 1st until the
end of deer season on Feb. 28th, our compound becomes a totally safe, bear free, doe sanctuary.
With Food!
All the doe for miles around flock to Rich Mountain Cabins to eat, rest and escape gunfire.
The bucks know this and actually fight to get on our property!

What this means is:
Archery Only
White Tail Deer  
Sept.23 thru Feb 28

 special rental rates apply 

Hunting License Fee Not Included
Visit Arkansas Game and Fish

for license info and purchase.
We are in Deer Zone 11
We fill up early so call
479-243-9400 and reserve your
Arkansas Deer Hunting Stand Today!
Enjoy Arkansas Deer Hunting At It's Best!
Our Game Master / Hunting Outfitter lives on our property
all year around. This allows us to closely monitor both our resident
deer population as well as the large numbers of migrating animals
that visit our property daily. We use a custom game management
program designed specifically for our Private Bowhunting Compound.
This proven system insures that we have excellent deer hunting
every season! We have very nice hunting stands completely set
up for serious bowhunters. All of our stands are fully baited
during all legal times with each stand offering a unique
Arkansas hunting experience.
Rich Mountain Cabins Spring Turkey Hunting
We Got The Gobblers!
Our year around feeding program means we have at least 2-3 large
flocks of turkey on our property at all times. We allow archery hunting
only so our gobblers are big and un-spooked. Use our bowhunting
stands or hunt off the ground with total access to our 23 acre
Bowhunting Compound/ Game Management Area.
Come experience Arkansas spring turkey hunting in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains.
Only 4 hours from Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City.
3 Day Archery Only
Spring Turkey
Hunting Package
April 10 thru 25
Package Includes:

3 nights Lodging in either the
Rock House or our Amish Cabins.
3 days bowhunting for
1 Adult Gobbler.
Total access to our 23 acre
Bowhunting Compound

Price: $500.00
Hunting License Fee Not Included
Visit Arkansas Game and Fish

for license info and purchase.
We are in Turkey Zone 7
We fill up early so call
479-243-9400 and reserve your
Arkansas Spring Turkey Hunt Today!
Rich Mountain Cabins Bowhunting Stands
Archery Hunting in Arkansas at it's best!
Stand #1
Built for easy access and close to the
cabins, this 12 ft stand can be
 reserved for more experienced (old)
 hunters and hunters with limited
 mobility. This stand produces lots
 of animals. Deer are attracted
to the grass areas near our cabins
and bear are attracted to the
slow, tasty morsels inside.
White Tail Deer Season
Sept. 28 thru Feb 28
 Stand #2
This classic 12 foot tripod stand offers
a quiet, comfortable swivel chair.
Enjoy a 360 degree view of one of the best game trails in Arkansas!
Stand #4
Located at the back of our property,
this 14 ft. stand is very close to the
National Forest. Our baiting program attracts many animals to this stand!
Stand #3
This 16 ft stand lets you get up into
the trees and view the beautiful
Ouachita National Forest.
Tall enough to get you almost
complety out of the scent zone,
This large, spacious stand allows you to eat your lunch without
alerting the animals on the ground.
 Comfortably spend all day hunting!
Black Bear Season
Oct. 1 thru Nov. 30
Rich Mountain Cabins Archery Hunting Outfitters
World Class Hunting near Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, and New Orleans.
Tracking, Field Dressing, and Trasporting
Our host will do every thing possible to help you track and find your animal. We will then assist you in field dressing 
and transporting your trophy back to camp.

Hunters must accompany our host during all tracking.

Remember to TIP your guide.


Rich Mountain Cabins
is glad to accept any unwanted
bear, venison or turkey.
Please bring your own cooler.
Rich Mountain Cabins
is a privately owned
Archery Only Hunting Compound
with our own quota and game management system
specifically for our property.
All of our custom rules comply completely with all laws and regulations implemented by the
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
For more info call us at

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